Zombie Rules 1.1.1 for Windows 10


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Zombie Rules is convenient to use a cookbook, with which you can view your favorite recipes and print them out in a transparent manner. The program also allows you to add your own recipes, and menus can search according to specific criteria. Appearance of the program is simple and clear. On the left side there is a list in the form of trees, arranged by category, which also can be divided into different sub-categories. After selecting the desired recipe, get the ingredients, the exact recipe and a photo of consistently with its real appearance on the kitchen table. The provision also allows you to print and view the menus by using advanced search. All dishes are described in detail and have your own photo (in JPG format). Zombie rules despite the strange name, should appeal to all kuchmistrzowi and others who are looking for new unique arrangements to prepare a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner.